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    装配式建筑 Prefabricated Building



    Huasen Architecture is committed to the field of Fabricated Building. Relying on the platform mode of 4+1 of China Construction Technology Group, the first batch of national assembly building industrialization base license awarded by the Ministry of Construction has been awarded in 2016 ,and established the Prefabricated building engineering center. Huasen participated in the group editor in chief and participated in the assembly building related national standard, the rule atlas achieves more than 10 items.And Huasen was responsible for the design of the Fabricated building area of more than 1 million square meters,the Fabricated building projects involve steel structure, prefabricated concrete components, internal integration, BIM information management and other related design.



    一体化建造:装配式建筑的建设需要策划、设计、生产、运输、装配、运维等 各环节进行一体化建造。

    Two integration:

    The design of integration: Fabricated Building is a kind of finished building which integrates the four components of structural system, envelope system, internal system and equipment pipeline system according to the idea of system.

    The build of integration: The construction of assembling building needs the integration of planning, design, production, transportation, assembly, operation and maintenance.



     The principles of desining:

    Modular coordination, modularization, standardization, less specification and multiple combinations.



    干法作业为主、连接可靠,施工高效、确保安 全的新型建造方式

    The way of Construction:

    New construction method with main dry operation, reliable connection, efficient construction and safety assurance.




    Implementation objectives: "Three points and two reductions"

    Improving the quality and safety level of construction projects; improving labor production efficiency; enhancing the life of buildings; reducing the waste of resources and energy and reducing construction pollution.





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